The Value of the Strategy

The strategy is at the base of every effective action to produce value for the company. Our consultancy is aimed at the Top Management of national and international retail companies and is provided by a specialized team of Senior consultants, who lay the foundations for structuring the strategic plan aimed at repositioning or relaunching the corporate retail concept and international development.

The strategic activity is structured in 2 main areas and phases of intervention:

Retail Analysis

Strengths and areas of improvement

We build a strategic auditing process together with the customer, in order to map the current state of the retail network. We deepen the main levers of the retail marketing mix, highlighting its growth potential and the tools necessary to implement it.

The main areas analyzed are:

  • Store Concept
  • Visual Strategy
  • Customer Experience
  • Instore and Offstore Communication
  • Product Mix and KPIs
  • Organization and processes of the Retail Department

Retail Strategy

Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan

Through the results of Strategic Auditing, analyzing the “rating” data emerged with respect to the potential development for each area, we implement with the client a strategic plan that indicates improvement objectives and necessary steps for intervention to achieve them.

The implementation plan, following the process of sharing with the top management, will contain the following macro elements:

  • Macro phases of intervention
  • Implementation process with details step by step
  • Necessary budget
  • Potentially obtainable results
  • Monitoring process