Retail Digital Solution

The online platform for the dissemination of the sales model and the development of Retail skills

The online platform, developed in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) to share the sales model and monitor the skills of the sales force on International Retail, is divided into 7 thematic Web Apps, with content and activities in line with the role:

  • Retail Supervisor
  • Area Manager
  • Visual Department
  • Store Manager
  • Sales Assistant

Platform settings: Country, Roles and Users

Initial definition of the Online platform users configured for Country, Role, Language and Planning activities in the short and medium term to accelerate and monitor the abilities of the International Retail Team.

Web App 1 | Sales Guide and Sales Competence

Sharing of selling model, skills development paths and verification
Dissemination of the Sales Operational Manual representing the most effective classification of the Sales Behavior and the Shopping Experience in the cycle of value towards the customer. Presentations carried out in a static or dynamic form with animations of the training contents dedicated to each professional Retail category. Online Competences Development Paths on Sales & Management, and related assessment tests for pre and post Online Training competences, with reference to the different Roles: Retail Supervisor, Store Manager and Sales Assistant.

Web App 2 | Workshop

Technical-commercial sales arguments and handling of the objections
Key Selling Points and Overcoming Objections: sharing and defining the key performance indicators related to the product collection, to be used as technical-commercial sales arguments, comparison and identification of the most effective responses to the consumer’s most important objections. The result of the work done online quickly becomes integral part of the Sales Guide, in a process of sharing and continuous development by the Retail Team.

Web App 3 | Sales Game and Competence Test

Evaluation of the Retail Team Competences
Sales Game: online commercial test with sales simulation with a potential customer who holds questions related to the sales negotiation on which the seller will have to answer. Competence Test: evaluation of technical-commercial sales skills by Retail role.

Web App 4 | Mystery Prospect

Results of behavioral monitoring of the Sell-out process
Mystery Shopping online reporting, publication and storage of overall reports and individual “Mystery Prospect” reports of stores with different visibility of data for analysis periods, countries, trends, roles and users.

Web App 5 | Selling potential evalutation

Potential Evaluation: Store Manager and Sales Assistant
Evaluation of the Potential for selective purposes or for verification of the potential of the Sales Team, through a series of specialized tests and in-basket tests by role: Store Manager and Sales Assistant.

Web App 6 | Visual Challenge

Photo contest evaluation of correct application of visual merchandising criteria
Online photo analysis and related “Visual Challenge” contest, dedicated to both Area Visual Merchandiser and Store Managers, analyzing skills and timing in the correct execution of Visual Displays, Exhibition Grounds and Focal Point.

Web App 7 | Brand Value Analysis

Exit and Online Customer Interview: online interviews or at the exit of the store for Prospect and User customers through a structured interview with a series of questions related to the Sales Process, the Purchase Experience and the Perception of the Brand by the Consumer. Quantitative periodic final report with Brand Value and Shopping Experience statistical data and performance indicators.