Retail Excellence Academy

Monitor the brand’s acquisition and perception experience, share the sales model on a global scale and increase Sell Out’s performance on Retail.

The modern Retail Company is based on the knowledge and control of key performance, able to determine if the experience offered to customers can build loyalty, increase in sales and uniqueness in the style of the value proposition.
We implement, with excellent results, a process of verification, control and performance enhancement for National and International Retail Sales Networks operating in various product sectors.

We support our customers, leaders in their own sector, step by step in the transformation process in order to achieve excellent results in their market area.


Monitoring of the value cycle of the Shopping Experience, a tool with a high level of international specialization. The Mystery Prospect tool, exclusive Made to Sell, contains two elements of innovation: behavioral observation manual and expert consultants of Retail dynamics. The quanti-qualitative assessment of the Strengths and of the Areas of Improvement of the point of sale, carried out by over than 1,200 consultants, is performed on a global scale in over than 20 countries.

A tool, exclusive Made to Sell, of analysis and evaluation of the distribution channel, provided by expert consultants in the sector, to obtain objective data of behavioral quanti-qualitative analysis of the Sell Out process, dedicated to Luxury stores at the Boutique and Flagship Store.

Detection of Drivers of choice and motivations for the purchase of products and services by the Customer
Exit Interview / Online Interview: in-person interviews to the onsite consumer or through the online platform, with an exclusive Made to Sell methodology, designed to understand the factors that determine the choice in the purchase of products and services. Identifying the value of the Brand and the purchase motivations by the Customers, building the overall and partial performance indicators perceived with respect to the competing brands and defining the priority maps of Marketing & Sales interventions. Detecting the perception of the Brand and the Product / Service offered in retail in order to understand the areas of strength and improvement, the positioning inside consumers’ mind.

Contests on the correct application of visual merchandising criteria in the realization of the Showcases and Focal Points
Tool for the development of the correct implementation of visual merchandising standards within the points of sale through a structured contest, aimed at increasing the quality in the application of the Brand visual merchandising criteria and the rapidity in the window preparation. The online platform Brand., in its section Web App 7 | Visual Challenge, is focused on the online management of the Visual Challenge contests. The Challenge develops thanks to contests among the points of sale involved and the relative evaluation, through photographic reports, of the ability to execute according to evaluation criteria shared with the Visual Department Management.

It is the analysis used by Made to Sell in order to detect the customer satisfaction perception, on a quantitative and qualitative basis, in the purchase or use of a specific product / service or in the use of additional services such as after sales assistance. It detects strengths and areas to improve the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of a specific group of customers, in relation to the product / service subject to analysis or brand being analyzed. It builds performance indicators perceived on customers and defines intervention priority maps. It compares the results over time (trend) on the same customers or groups of customers, with similar characteristics for purchasing behavior, needs and expectations.

Selling Model

Development or evolution of the selling model, behavioral classification related to the Retail sales force. Reference point in Sales Training Paths for all resources dedicated to bringing added value to the customer’s shopping experience.

Development and definition of the correct realization of the display criteria and the visual standards of the brand within the points of sale. Evolving and defining, within a shared online document, the exhibition standard within the point of sale, exploring aspects such as brand identity, layout, shop windows, lighting, displays and focal points.

Competencies Empowerment

The value of the experience: “Selling in Style” Training Program

Made to Sell Competence Enhancement interventions aim to translate Skills into Operational Abilities by finalizing the behavior of retail resources to maximize Sell Out performance and the optimal management of Sales Staff.

Competencies Development Methods of Human Resources Management in the Point of Sale, divided into different levels and steps, oriented to the continuous improvement of the operational and behavioral performances of the team in the Point of Sale. Management Training interventions are carried out by a Global Made to Sell Team: Senior Trainer with a strong specialization in the processes of Retail human resources management

The coaching activity aimed at improving the Sell Out performance is realized through the presence in-store of our “Made to Sell” Consultant (while the store is open) using 2 main methodologies: Transfer Coaching and Performance Coaching.

Transmission of the selling model, defined in the development of the Sales Guide. The activity is carried out by a Senior Coach together with the Store Manager and focuses on the correct behavioral application by the Sales Assistant team, during the sales process and shopping experience.

The In-Store Coaching activity is implemented with a program that develops the following objectives: analyzing the Store Performance Indicators in order to identify the priorities on which to structure the Action Plans. Analyzing the staff’s behavior in front of the Customer and supporting the overcoming of the behavioral and psychological resistance to change, revealed by Store Manager and Staff.
This intervention has an important effect on the improvement of the main Retail performance indicators.