Case History 7

Elaboration of high level customer shopping experience in retail store on a global scale, according to different brand positioning inside Fashion Luxury group.

How to implement a distinctive selling model shared on a global scale? How to create a path that takes into account different approach applications according to the several cultures related to the shopping experience?

In order to satisfy these needs, we planned a specific Retail Excellence Academy system, structured in different Sales and Management paths aimed at the professional development of resources involved in the project.

In this case study, we will analyze a project realized for the Fashion field.

Main Topics:

  • Experience competence;
  • In-Store KPIs increment;
  • Competence sharing with the Retail Team.

Manifested Needs:

Implementation of a path that could enhance competencies aimed at creating distinctive selling models for each Group brand together with Retail Coordinators and Store Managers’ managerial skills. In Store KPIs increment; Ability to link the path to the several country differences, cultures and approaches.

Made to Sell Project Development: In-store Performance Coaching

Development of Retail Excellence Academy system and planning of different Sales and Management paths aimed at the professional development of Retail Coordinators and Store Managers.
This project is based on the “experience competence” approach, with the objective to involve the different resources during the lesson, through the explanation of case studies and practical exercises in order to provide operational tools to make acquired competencies applicable in-store .  Integration of the path with the use of a digital platform to increase competencies and their monitoring.

Achieved Objectives

Increment of the Retail Coordinators’ ability to share competencies with their Retail Team in their native countries. Improvement of in-store main KPIs and motivation for the role spread among team resources in involved stores.

Project Numbers:

Number of Resources trained: 500+

Roles of Participants: Retail Coordinators and Store Managers

Involved Countries: Europe, USA, Russia

Distribution Channel: Franchising and Owned