Case History 2

Observation of the shopping experience standard related
to the purchase of a luxury car and to its test drive on the road, through behavioral indicators

How to measure performance and selling attitude?
We developed a specific tool that measures behavioral performance in relation to sales. In this way, we could obtain performance indicators of a Sales Team in a Car Showroom.
In this case study, we will analyze a project realized for the luxury automotive market.

Main Topics:

  • Mystery Consultant Analysis;
  • Operational manual of behavioral observation inside the Retail area;
  • Development of a Consultant Team in line with our luxury target.

Manifested Needs:

Development of a specific tool to measure behavior during the selling process in order to obtain performance indicators related to the Sales Team of the Showroom Dealer for the Italian Luxury Automotive market.

Made to Sell Project Development:

In collaboration with the Sales Department of a famous Automotive brand, elaboration of a Mystery Consultant Analysis worksheet for the Luxury Automotive market, oriented and balanced to achieve our objectives. Definition and implementation of an operational manual to observe behaviors inside showrooms, in order to obtain a high qualitative standard of monitoring and a total homogeneity of results for the different Showrooms. Development of a specific consultant team in line with our luxury target and oriented to evaluate the selling model, from the walk around the car to the sale of accessories during the negotiation, monitoring the efficacy and selling techniques during the Test Drive on the road.

Achieved Objectives:

Elaboration of a tool for periodic interviews and summary of the analysis results to the Commercial Department. Availability of detailed quantitative-qualitative reports obtained from more than 100 parameters. Support to share all results during the meetings where to explain overall reports and detailed analyses in relation to strengths and areas to improve during the sale process in the Luxury Automotive field.
Action plan definition that will follow the analysis with programmed interventions oriented to the improvement of competencies and performance.

Project Numbers:

Showroom network in Italy with visits every 3 months.