Case History 1

Customer experience is fundamental for Retail Success.

How to evaluate customer shopping experience in-store?
Through a specific tool for making interviews to consumers in order to obtain performance indicators that are precise and reliable, to be shared on a digital platform used by Management and Retail Team.
In this case study, we will analyze the project that has been realized for a multinational corporation, leader in the jewelry market.

Main Topics:

  • Performance indicators of the customer experience.
  • Organization of a Team of Interviewers;
  • Online platform for sharing data and for monitoring analysis process.

Manifested needs:

Development of a specific tool to interview consumers in-store, in order to obtain performance indicators about the shopping experience inside a Jewelry store.

Made to Sell Project Development: BRAND VALUE ANALYSIS - Exit Interview

Together with the Management for the European market, elaboration of a methodology and of an Exit Interview worksheet in the Jewelry world, oriented and balanced to reach the objective, through the main indicators of specific Areas and Items to be monitored. Definition and implementation of a worksheet per each session, overall reports per area, country and single location. Development of our team of interviewers in line with our target and oriented to add value to all Prospect customers and Users’ interviews before they leave the store.

Achieved Objectives:

Elaboration of a tool for periodic interviews and summary of the analysis results to the Management Department responsible for the European market. Availability of detailed reports with real-time information sharing through our online platform dedicated to Retail: (Made to Sell strategic partner). Real-time information sharing of analysis results of interviews on our platform, in different languages, excel or pdf format, for all locations and company roles. Delivery of results to the Management in order to share strengths and areas to improve related to the shopping experience and the product collections, considering evaluation of excellence, perception of selling process and customer experience.

Project Numbers:

Number of interventions: 13.000 interviews per year
Involved countries: Italy-France-Spain-Portugal-Turkey