Sales Network

From strategy to action.
The advantage of operating an outsourced commercial network: we operate on behalf of our customers the startup and / or development of their sales network.

We identify and share development strategies with the client
We select or evaluate the potential of commercial resources
We support, control and monitor the performances in fieldwork

We handle every problem
We enhance technical / commercial skills
We analyze the results and develop improvement strategies.

We manage commercial networks for our customers.

  • We perform the potential assessment of the commercial resources involved in the project
  • We do coaching in fieldwork
  • We manage the controlling and monitoring of performance in the field
  • We directly manage the sales force, the strengthening of skills, the analysis of results and the strategic and operational re-orientation of an existing network through which we want to tackle more aggressive “push” actions or in line with the repositioning strategy of the product / service of the client company.

It is our Network of Partners in Italy, in the SME market (up to 25 million of turnover), for the marketing of high added value B2B services.

It is our partner network in Italy and abroad, in the Corporate market, for the marketing of high added value B2B services.