Case History 6

Increment of Store Managers and Owners’ managerial skills inside Franchise Stores for Consumer Electronics.

How to enhance KPIs inside the stores of the leader brand in consumer electronics on a global scale?

We involved, in a development path related to competencies and teamwork in-store, Store Managers and Owners of retail franchise stores, in order to obtain a tangible performance result in terms of sales on Cell Phones and Tablet product lines.

In this case study, we will analyze a project realized for the high-end consumer electronics.

Main Topics:

  • Enhancement of performances in-store through the Performance Coaching model;
  • Improvement of KPIs inside the stores;
  • Focus on UPT and Conversion Rate.

Manifested Needs:

Involvement in a training path, with operational teamwork, of main Owners from all franchise stores that are part of Italian market for the Consumer Electronics, and development of a tangible performance result in terms of Sales.

Made to Sell Project Development: In-store Performance Coaching

Interventions to work in team with Store Manager and Owner of the Italian Franchise store selling network, aimed at enhancing performances in-store through the Performance Coaching intervention model: Definition of Store Manager’s collocation in relation with selling behavior, sharing of growth objectives, observation of processes and support to enhancement, verification of results and following action plan.

Achieved Objectives

This project highlighted a significant improvement of KPIs inside the stores with particular focus on UPT and Conversion Rate. The verification of results and the process of working in team lead to a general increment of motivation, to more awareness for the role and to an active participation in improving the selling model proposed to the final consumer.

Project Numbers:

Number of involved stores: 60

Role of participants: Store Managers and Owners (Franchisee)

Involved Countries: Italy