Case History 5

Improvement of luxury shopping experience inside Interior Design showrooms.

How to develop a Sales Guide oriented to the sharing of a behavioral model for luxury custom on a global scale?

We built a behavioral guide related to the interior design field and to luxury customers, with a strong focus on the sale process inside national and international showrooms.

In this case study, we will analyze a project realized for the Interior Design market.

Main Topics:

  • Shopping experience analysis of the product in relation to international customers;
  • Managerial research workshop, with the involvement of the Retail Team, aimed at identifying all distinctive elements to build a new selling model;
  • Retail Team’s behavioral performance indicators to build action plans and actions for enhancement through the Mystery Prospect tool;
  • Sharing of our Sales Guide thanks to, online specialized retail platform, also used to monitor acquired competence standard.

Manifested Needs:

Development of a Sales Guide able to elaborate a behavioral retail model about luxury shopping experience inside Interior Design showrooms among the different markets of intervention.

Made to Sell Project Development: Sales Guide

Development, in collaboration with the Interior Design Retail Management, of a behavioral guide oriented to the luxury target, with strong focus on enhancing the shopping experience in all national and international showrooms. Development of a process structured with consequential phases: analysis and observation inside flagship stores, research workshop with Retail Management and part of the Store Managers’ team, general and detailed planning, online publishing on our platform dedicated to Retail

Achieved Objectives:

Development and sharing of a behavioral model with national and international Retail Management, through a selling manual that represents the state-of-the-art of Interior Design Selling Style on the specific brand. Our Sales Guide provides information about key performance indicators on which Teamwork inside showrooms must be focused, in order to guarantee the best selling results and customer’s shopping experience. Sharing and monitoring of acquired competencies have been developed through, our online specialized platform for the retail world.

Project Numbers:

Sales Guide Distribution: Europe, USA and Arab Countries